Business Segments

Cotelsa main area of activity is the delivery, installation and maintenance of sophisticated electronic equipment by reaching exclusive agreements with the leading manufacturing companies in the world.

Cotelsa is particularly active in the Security sector where we operate in the industry since more than 30 years providing solutions for airports, railway stations, public buildings, Spanish army and a great variety of other customers.

As an example, Cotelsa has installed and maintained X-ray baggage inspection systems for AENA in almost all Spanish airports, for ADIF in most of its high speed train stations and it is also a key supplier of security systems for the Spanish ministries in charge of defense and security.mapa_servicio_cotelsa

Based on this large experience and footprint, Cotelsa has successfully entered in the last years into other business segments such as Transportation, Construction, Energy or Communications, where we have developed the right channels to bring a larger variety of high tech products on which we want to leverage to diversify our product and solutions portfolio.